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UAE offers all aspects that an investor can ever dream about-privacy, limited liability, asset protection and tax exemption.

UAE is one of the prior business destinations in the world and its company formation is very muc reputable, regulated, international trading solution. Registering a company in UAE is, always a long term option for any investor.


The Government of UAE requires all educational certificates, professional or academic, emanating from India to be attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in UAE for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before grant of UAE Visa. The UAE Government also accepts educational certificates attested by their Embassy in New Delhi and Consulate in Mumbai provided the certificates were also attested first by the Consular Section of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Our Attestation Services:

Educational certificate attestation

  • Board certificates
  • Degree certificates
  • Diploma certificates
  • Provisional certificates
  • Mark sheets
  • Private diploma

Non- educational certificate attestation

  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Experience certificates
  • Transfer certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Police clearances
  • Legal heirships
  • Divorce papers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Company documents

Shop fit-out should be approved by Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) prior to its operation. Any modification (minor or major) should be approved before starting the construction of the establishment.

The activities of the establishment must be in line and comply with the business activities mentioned in the Trade License.


  • Application Form
  • Trade License
  • Copy of Modification Completion Certificate

Authorities had announced last year that the identity card, labour card and residency permit would be combined into one.

  • ID Card is mandatory for all citizens and legal residence 15 years and above
  • Identification and verification as per International Standards
  • Protect individual’s identity
  • Can be used to access Secure eServices
  • Provides Identity Information
  • Store many ID applications in future
  • Prevents fraud and identity theft
  • Portable personal database

Step 1: Fill in the form at any Emirate ID authorized typing centers (ID card applicant is not required to attend to the typing center in person)

Step 2: The customer will receive an SMS setting the date and place of registration.

Step 3: On receiving the SMS, the customer heads for the Service Point stated in the SMS. (Children under 15 of age are not required to go to Emirates ID Service Points)

Required Documents:

UAE Nationals:

  • Original valid passport
  • Original Family book

GCC Nationals:

  • Original valid passport
  • UAE residence document (valid employment certificate, real estate lease or ownership contract, commercial license, school registration certificate, certificate of dependency, valid marriage contract or an employment card)


  • Original valid passport
  • Residence or entry visa


  • Documents required for each group
  • Colored passport size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photo with white background
Issuance and Renewal of ID card for UAE citizens and GCC nationals (five years) AED 100
Issuance and renewal of ED card for residents (for each year of residence) AED 100
Issuance of replacement for the damaged or lost card AED 300
Change of details that require issuing a new card (The updated card expires on the same date as the old one) AED 150
Application of a mobile vehicle (for individuals, single family, for one day) AED 1000
Issuance and Renewal of card (Urgent Service) AED 150
Typing fees and service charges AED 70
Change of details that require issuing a new card (The updated card expires on the same date as the old one) AED 150
Typing fees and service charges AED 70

The above fees apply to all age groups. People exempted from fees (people under the Social Security Code-People with disabilities and autism) Services not included in fees exemption are mobile vehicle service and urgent service.

  • Ensure the service required at the Typing Center (new registration, renewal of ID Card or replacement for lost or damaged card)
  • Should you choose the wrong service, we will contact you to pay due fees.
  • Ensure that your mobile phone number and P. O. recorded in the registration form are correct.
  • The customer can receive his/her ID card through the P. O. Box or any office of Emirates Post.
  • Ensure that all data recorded in the forms are correct.
  • Visit the Typing Center to edit your form as long as we did not contact you.
  • Legal fees of typing centers are AED 30
  • If any Typing Center charges more than AED 30, please contact us.
  • In all events, don’t leave your passport at the Typing Center to avoid possible loss.
  • Failure to visit the Service Point on the given date for two times will cancel you form and fees.
  • Should you want to change the registration date, please call 6005-30003
  • Keep the financial receipt which proves that you filled in the form.
  • Children below 15 are not required to go to the Typing Centers or Service Points.
  • Colored contact lenses and hand henna are not allowed at the time of registration.
  • People over 15 must bring the Typing Center receipt together with the original passport.
  • If the form is modified at the Typing Center other than that where the customer applied for the ID Card, the customer shall pay AED5 as service fees.
  • If you want to set a single appointment for all family members at the same Service Point, you need to ask the Typing Center Staff to link these transactions together so that all family members can go to the same Service Point on the same date.


Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents (called sponsors), whose monthly salary is not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation.

Validity of Visa:

  • Short term visa: 30 days
  • Long term visa: 90 days

Documents Required:

  • Typed Application form
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport & family member's passport
  • 1 photo of the family member (may be required)
  • Marriage contract attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy (for sponsoring a wife or husband)
  • Attested birth certificates (for sponsoring children)
  • Relationship proof attested from the Embassy (in case relationship cannot be proved from family names in sponsor and relative's passport)
  • Attested work contract if the sponsor is working in a private company or a salary certificate if working in government.
  • Traveller Insurance.

The laws governing immigration requirements are mainly contained in Federal Law No. 6 of 1973 regarding the entry & residence of expatriates as amended by Federal Law No. 13 of 1996, the Immigration Law.

In order to apply for any visa or permit, it is necessary to obtain the sponsorship of either a UAE resident (who may be a foreigner) or other legal entities such as companies or hotels. If a hotel or a local sponsor is arranging the visa or permit, the hotel or a local sponsor usually deposits it at the airport for collection by the visitor upon arrival.

The UAE bodies, which are responsible for issuing visas and permits to foreigners wishing to enter the UAE, are the Naturalization and Immigration Administration, the International Airport Authority of any member emirate and any other body designated for this purpose by the Ministry of Interior. Entry permits, as distinct from visas however, may only be obtained within the UAE from the Headquarters of Immigration and Residence. Although only some of the immigration laws and regulations will be applicable to a businessperson, it is useful to grasp a basic understanding of these for both business and personal purposes. In the sections that follow, we have outlined the immigration requirements new businesses will need to fulfill in order to employ staff in the UAE, the different types of visas and permits which would be useful to foreigners, what they are, to whom and when they may be useful, and the procedures for obtaining them.

  1. Visas & Permits
  2. Visit Visas
  3. Relative, Spouses and Children
  4. Friends
  5. Application by Company/Business Sponsors
  6. Renewal of Visit Visas
  7. Visas for Tourist
  8. Permits
  9. Employment Permits
  10. Employment Visa
  11. Labour Card
  12. Residence Permits
  13. Residence Visas and Permits
  14. Business registration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  15. Health Requirements and Health Services
  16. Lost and Damaged Passports

Obtaining a VISA

We assist all companies in UAED to process employment visas for their employees. Our large team of highly qualified PROs specializes in obtaining and processing large number of visas for large contracting and trading companies. You are assured of peace of mind when you outsource your employment and all other visa and document processing to our professional team. We can assist your company to process employment visa. An employment visa is required for all foreign nationals seeking employment in a company registered in United Arab Emirates. The employment visa is issued following the approval from UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Employment visa is issued by the Immigration Department.

Once your employee has entered the country on the basis of the employment visa we can complete the formalities of your employees residence visa stamping.

Obtaining Labour Card

In UAE it's essential to obtain and renew your Labour Card before it expires. There is a penalty if your Labour Card is not renewed. Failure to renew your Labour card will result in a freeze on all of your new visa applications. We maintain a confidential and protected database of our clients. This includes data relating to client's trade license, company labour card, Labour card and employee visas. We will remind you well in advance of your trade license or other document expiry. This value added service keeps your business protected from bans and penalties.

Cancellation of VISA

We also assist individuals who want to cancel their current employment visa to take up employment with a new employer. Normally your employer at the time of cancellation of employment visa will require you to close bank accounts, return credit cards, and cancel Water, electricity and telephone contracts.

To cancel your employment visa we will require original passport, original entry permit and cancellation forms duly signed by the sponsor. Cancelled passport may be collected from Immigration department after 1 day.

VISA Stamping

All employees require visa to be stamped on their passport to change their immigration status to Resident in UAE. We will remove the hassle of stamping visas for your employees or business partners.

A medical card is a prerequisite for Visa Stamping. We will assist you in obtaining medical certificate and medical card from the Ministry of Health prior to stamping visa in the Passport. Please send us a passport copy, 4 photographs and appropriate Government fees before 3pm for visa stamping process to initiate the next day.

To complete visa stamping the immigration department requires following documents. Original passport, original Employment Visa(Entry Permit), original medical certificate, passport size photographs x7, residence visa fee, completed security form, residence visa forms duly signed and sealed by the sponsor. Normally the residence visa will be stamped in the Passport within 10 days and is valid for 3 years.


We provide legal translation services in the following languages:

English-Arabic-German-French-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Chinese and 50+ others….

Legal translation requires a specialist knowledge; legal translation should be implemented in accordance with the original documents properly translated ensuring to produce 100% perfect and accurate translation with exact meanings and expressions similar to that of original.

On the basis thereof, for the complete satisfaction of our clients, we have a team of highly qualified suitable legal translators in order to execute translation of all types of legal documents.


The following are different passport services that we cater. Fees may vary depending on the service availed.

General Information Applicable to all Passport Services:

  1. All applicants should submit the application in person for identification (including minors and new born babies)
  2. An ordinary passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. It may please be noted that the Passport Issuing Authority, can issue passports even for a shorter duration. If the passport is issued for a short period for any reason, it can be renewed up to a maximum period of ten years without any additional fee. Minors are issued passports for 5 years or up to attaining 18 years, whichever is earlier.
  3. The Passport service asked for should be in the proper prescribed form. Applicants are advised to ensure that their application in the prescribed format is complete in all respects; that all columns are correctly and legibly filled up and no column is left blank or unfilled / unresponded or vaguely filled with a dash, tick, etc. All signatures in the application should be by a dark ballpoint pen of black. Thos e who cannot affix their signatures like infants, minors or illiterate should put their thumb impression the place of signature.
  4. It is an offense under the Passport Act of 1967 to furnish false information in the application. Passport facilities would be denied on grounds of suppression of material information, submission of incorrect particulars, willful damage/loss of passport or for unauthorized change/tampering. The Passport can be impounded or revoked for violation of one or more of the provision of the Passport Act.
  5. It is an offense to hold more than one valid passport at a time.
  6. The scale of fees for renewal and various passport related services and various other passport related services, including all kinds of miscellaneous services on passport, are prescribed by Government of India from time to time.
  7. Photographs should be in color, against a white background with dark color dress and should be of the size 51 mm x 514 mm. the photograph should have a frontal view, with both ears and chin to forehead being visible. Eyes should be open. There should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background. Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the face must be clearly shown. The expression on the face should look natural. Photographs should not be oldder than 6 months. Applicant with white hair should carry photos in blue background.
RERA Attestation (EJARI)

Ejari is a system that is governed by RERA to make registration of rental / lease agreements easy and accessible to Owners and Real Estate Management Companies of various categories. The Ejari system provides a full portfolio of services beyond registering the initial lease agreement. Renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations can all be logged.

Also, your tenancy contract needs to be attested by EJARI in obtaining family visa, formation of a new company, and other related.


  • Access to official and updated information of all leased properties in Dubai
  • A means of creating legalized tenancy contracts accompanied by standard issue rent receipts
  • The ability to safeguard the rights of landlords and tenants by maintaining tenancy contract details
  • The full audit ability of transactions in case of dispute
  • Tenant and Landlord full protection

Required Documents:

  • Original Tenancy Contract
  • DEWA Bill or New DEWA account registration receipt
  • Passport copy and residential visa for the tenant
  • Title Deed or affection plan copy issued from DLD or Dubai Municipality
  • Trade license cop or DED initial approval in case of commercial Tenancy Contracts
Web Designing

Website Design

Software Development


Web Development


The following steps are outlined below in order to meet the legal requirements of all concerned government authorities and to guarantee maximum commercial benefits for the business owners:

  • Submit the company registration application form and proposed company name to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Notarize the company’s Memorandum of Association in DED
  • File company documents with DED; obtain trade license and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry certificate Create a name board
  • Apply for establishment card at the Ministry of Labor
  • Register native workers with the Ministry of Labor
  • Register employees/workers with the Ministry of Labor and General Authority for Pension and Social Security

UAE Economic Department is the liaising authority to issue trade licenses. In some categories of business, it requires approval from concerned ministries and relevant authorities: for example, banks and financial institutions should have permission from the UAE central bank, insurance companies and related agencies from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce; manufacturing entities from the Ministry of Finance and Industry and pharmaceutical and medical products from the Ministry of Health. More detailed procedures apply to businesses engaged in oil or gas production and related industries.

To carry on some trade activities (e.g. jewellery and insurance) requires the submission of financial guarantee issued by a bank operating in UAE.

In general, all commercial and industrial businesses in UAE should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the respective Emirate.

The entire business activities in UAE can be categorized into the following three categories of licenses:
  • Commercial licenses covering all kinds of trading activity
  • Professional licenses including professions, services, craftsmen and artisans
  • Industrial licenses for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity.
  • Requirements for obtaining a trade license:
  • Designate the business category commercial, industrial and or professional
  • Determine al the related business activities within each business license (Maximum 10 per license)
  • Plan your business legal status in UAE
  • Appropriate trading name
  • Submit an application to the Department for initial approval
  • Register a trade name after receiving initial approval (option available to reserve trade name)
  • Lease business premises and obtain approval from the Authority
  • Prepare all required documents such as memorandum of association and approvals from other relevant government authorities
  • Submit further application to the department to obtain the final license
  • Pay the required fees

Jabel Ali Industrial Zone

JAFZA is one of the largest and fastest growing of Dubai free zones. JAFZA, today houses more than 6400 of the world’s finest companies. The present JAFZA profile includes more than 150 of the Global Fortune 500 companies. The free zone has come a long way from the 19 companies in 1985. Investors are provided world class infrastructure supported by quality driven value added services and incentives, enabling them to capitalize on the huge business opportunities in the region.

The free zone has come a long way from the 19 companies in 1985. This growth can be attributed to JAFZA’s innovative solutions for global industrial investors and focus on long-term customer relationships. It is the first free zone in the world to win ISO certification in 1996.


JAFZA ranks among the world’s largest and the fastest growing free zones

25 years of operation with over 6400 companies from 120 countries

JAFZA is the only free zone in the world to be located between he two major logistic enablers – Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s largest airport, and Jebel Ali Port, the world’s 6th largest seaport.

A six lane highway facilitates the transportation of goods 9custom bound) from sea to air in just minutes.

Access to a market of over 2 billion people in South and West Asia, the CIS and Africa.

Home of the multinational giants and fortune 500 companies.

Part of the ambitious Dubai Logistics Corridor to link sea, land and air, bringing together multi-modal platform in the Middle East.


Commercial Licensing Division of Trakhees is a one-stop-shop business services hub where a company can apply for all the business requirements of licensing and government related services.

Requirements in obtaining a license:

Trakhees Forms
  • Tenancy contract stamped from RERA land department (Except Nakheel, Dubai Custom, Dubai Port, others)
  • Passport copy + visa copies (owners + partners + manager) (first time only)
  • Copy of the No Objection Letter (for non-local) (first time only)
  • House Tenancy Contract of all Expatriates Managers & Partners
  • DEWA bill for all expatriates Managers & Partners
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC)

DMCC is the master developer and licensing authority for the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Free Zone, the fastest growing free zone development in Dubai.

Two types of business licenses are DMCC License, activities in commodities and related trade/servies) and JLT License (other business activities). Within the JLT free zone, companies can set up as a New company, branch, subsidiary, and representative office.

DMCC regulates, promotes and facilitates trade across a range of commodities sectors, including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious metals, tea and cotton. Major multinational companies as well as small and medium enterprises in the commodities sectors have made the JLT district their homes.


Established in 2004, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai and is considered the only technology park in the region that provides both a living and working integrated community.

It is a global, collaborative initiative that will uniquely support the entire advanced electronics value chain with outstanding infrastructure, access to capital, highly educated personnel, and one of the world’s best business climates. DSO aims to attract electronics companies engaged in Fabless IC Design, Semiconductor Manufacturing, TEs and Assembly as well as Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS).

DSO offers three types of licenses to the investors. They can have a branch of an existing company from UAE or a foreign country, a Free Zone Establishment or a Free Zone Company.


100% foreign owned enterprise

100% repatriation of capital & profits

100% Corporate, personal income tax exemptions

Exemption of import & export taxes

Low cost of operations

State of the art IT infrastructure and facilities with tier 3 data center

Fast-track business set-up & licensing

Dedicated business support services including integrated online E-business system offering tenants fast and efficient services at the touch of a button

Access to regional pool of talented technical and engineering professionals

Stable and clear regulation

Access to consumer markets of 5 billion people (Middle East, North Africa and Indian Subcontinent)

DUCAMZ (Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone)

DUCAMZ is the largest zones in the Middle East where used cars are imported for the purpose of re-export to all the African and Asian countries where the demand of used cars are increasingly rapid. This zone is located in the city surroundings of Dubai.


Texmas represents the modern vision of Dubai in organizing the local textile trade. Texmas today also has the responsibility of exploring new markets for the trade apart from generating ideas for improving the business environment as a whole.


Exemption from the payments of custom duties for unlimited period.

Option to sublease the premises.

Option to transfer goods to the city without attracting customs duty.

Long lease period and attractive rent.

Stability and discipline is anticipated in DTC, a smart and integrated complex.


Since its inception in 2001, Dubai Media City has successfully raised its profile as a place where every kind of media business can operate globally. DMC provides advanced infrastructure and a supportive environment for media-related businesses. DMZ is the ideal hub for media and marketing services, printing and publishing, music, film, new media, leisure and entertainment, broadcasting and information agencies.

Dubai media city has also set up media business centres to promote talent and entrepreneurship targeted at freelancers and independent media professionals. Home to over 1200 companies, it is a place where companies can synergize their resources and reap maximum benefits.


A global media hub

Business-friendly regulations

Easy access to a large market rich with untapped potential

World-class infrastructure & facilities

State-of-the-art offices

High technology communication facilities

Internal work environment


Located adjacent to Dubai International Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in the world, this is an ideal destination for businesses which require rapid access to markets for high value, low volume cargoes. DAFZA is established and fully owned by the Dubai government and s one of the most premium Free Zones where investors can be part of the high-profile business sectors.


100% foreign owned enterprise

100% repatriation of capital & profits

100% Corporate, personal income tax exemptions

Exemption of import & export taxes

On-site customs inspection

Abundant & affordable energy

Cheap labour & easy recruitment procedures

One-stop-shop administration services

Easy accessibility to Dubai Airport Freezone building and offices within

Companies in the Freezone can work 24 hours a day

  • Address: OFFICE NO.305, 3rd FLOOR, OXFORD TOWER
  • Phone: +971 4 4534945
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  • Office - Time: 7:00 am - 8:00pm
  • Phone: +971 4 4534945
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  • Office - Time: 7:00 am - 8:00pm
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